Our Services

Business Centers

Provide your Residents with up to date, well maintained PCs, Laptops, iPads and Printers. Your Business Center is an important Amenity and needs to show well for prospects and perform well for your Residents.

Networking & Repairs

Fast, reliable and professional. You never know when your next virus or hardware failure could take down your computer or your network. Call on us to be your solution.

Wireless Wi-Fi

Consulting, design and installation of wireless networks. Our in-house Wi-fi engineering team will design a wireless solution tailored to you. And we support all brands.


Multi-Centers is prepared with products and technical expertise to make your communications system more productive. IP Telephony, voicemail, IVR and call automation designed specifically for the multi-family industry.

Video Conferencing

Our team of Specialists provides over 20 years of industry-leading video conferencing experience. We are here to help define and scope your voice and data needs.


High-resolution footage and recordings let you capture everything that happens on your property. Create secure locations to prevent damage and vandalism. Provide credible and accurate details to police and security teams. Our teams can put it all together.

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